Sterling Heights police: Women robbers striking stores

Police release video of woman stealing products from CVS store

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Sterling Heights police have released surveillance video of two women who have robbed a Sterling Heights CVS not once, but multiple times.

In the video from the store on Schoenherr, you see an African-American woman walk in through the entrance wearing a white T-shirt. Soon to follow, another African-American woman wearing a coral top.


Police said the women together have stolen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise every time they hit - by walking in with empty bags and filling them with cosmetic products.  

"We're working with CVS security because these women have robbed stores multiples throughout metro Detroit, but especially here in Sterling Heights," said Sterling Heights Lt. Luke Riley.

The robbery caught on surveillance happened Oct. 3.

In one camera angle, you see the woman going up and down the cosmetic aisle grabbing everything they can and shoving it into their oversized bags. 


"The totally value of what they steal is well over $1000, they go after the high end cosmetics every time," Riley said. 

Riley also said the way the women operate suggests they are professionals at the crime.  

"What sets them apart is they steal multiple items of the same product, and why would you need so many of the same item if it was for personal use? They know it's for resale and they want to turn it into cash," he said.  

Wyandotte police are investigating a similar drug store robbery at a Walgreens on Fort Street. In that incident, which happened in November, a white male stole thousands of dollars worth of men's electric razors in minutes, even removing the security lock. 

Riley said the two women from the Sterling Heights case have been known to work with a man, so the two police agencies are looking into any connections. 

Police believe the woman are in their mid-20s or 30s. A white Escalade and a Yukon have been located at the store when they are there.

If you recognize them you're asked to call Sterling Heights Police.