'Tips for Jesus' started in Ann Arbor

Man is leaving tips worth thousands of dollars across U.S.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – It started at the Alley Bar in Ann Arbor.

Five guys were around just before last call after the Michigan/Notre Dame game. Robben Schultz served them 200 drinks and food, and settled up with a $2,000 tip.

"He was holding it close and said, 'This is for real. It's not a mistake,' so he handed me the receipt, my jaw dropped and I was extremely happy," said Shultz.

They came back that Sunday to make sure it went through and told them there was a mistake: the 2 was a 7. They meant to leave a $7,000 tip.

The mysterious money man and friends then went to Bar Louie where they surprised a server with a $3,000 tip.

"This was a group of guys and one of them has been very fortunate with his finances and this was his way of redistributing the wealth and he enjoyed doing this, and not to question it," said Shultz.

"Tips for Jesus" has hit Hollywood to Chicago and South Bend, and did it again last night in Phoenix. By my rough estimate, $62,000 in gratuities since September.

He may have ties to Ann Arbor. He is a football fan. In fact, is that a championship ring I see there?

Shultz knows the phantom philanthropists identity but doesn't want to spoil a good thing. He split is windfall with co-workers and the gift's timing was perfect.

"We have one staff member who was expecting his first child, tuition, holiday stuff, everybody has bills," he said.

Of course, the mysterious tipper has become an Internet sensation on Facebook and Instagram where he has earned that holy nickname.