App offers discount, helps pay Detroit-Windsor tunnel toll

Available in Apple app store, Google Play


DETROIT – The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel announced the release of a mobile application for paying toll.

The Detroit Windsor Tunnel app is available in the iOS App Store and on Google Play.

Along with giving users a discounted toll, the app was designed with the infrequent user in mind and is intended to make cross-border travel between Windsor and Detroit faster and more convenient. It will be invaluable for the Winter Classic and Winter Festival events from December 16th to January 1st.

"Users download the free app, follow the prompts to register and purchase 2-10 trips at a discounted rate as low as $4.25 per trip," said President of the Detroit Windsor Tunnel Neal Belitsky. "The Tunnel provides easy access from the 401 to all of the venues in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Windsor. The trips never expire and additional trips can be purchased at any time."

Event travelers can go to any lane. In an attended lane show the code on the phone to the attendant; in an electronic lane hold the phone's code to the reader in the lane. Then drivers can be on their way!

Event travel directions are available in all attended lanes.

Visitors are reminded to bring approved documents for crossing the border.

Visit www.dwtunnel.com for more information.