Michigan man turns to social media to find birth parents

Mark Denton posts picture with adoption information on Facebook


DETROIT – A Michigan man has turned to social media to find his biological parents.

Mark Denton is asking people to "like" and "share" a picture of him holding a sign that reads, "Help me find my birth parents."

Mark's wife, Jaci, posted the photo on Facebook Wednesday -- Mark's birthday -- and it has since garnered thousands of shares.

In an interview with Local 4, Mark said he had tried finding his birth parents through court and adoption records, but since it was a closed adoption, he hasn't found anything.

"We've seen other people who had searched for biological families over Facebook. So, that's the route we wanted to take," Mark said.

Mark said he has great adoptive parents but wants to find his birth parents to learn more about his background.

"I'd like to know some medical things … and basically take it from there," he said.

He added that he's not the only adopted one in his family.

"My brother and his wife adopted. So, my nephew is adopted," he said.

Mark has also included other information on his social sign: He was born Dec. 18, 1977 in Howell, Mich., and his adoption was through Lenawee County Family and Children's Services.

Mark now lives in Grand Rapids.

Mark is asking anyone with information on his birth parents to email bigdenton@yahoo.com.