Thieves target Secretary of State ATMs in Metro Detroit

At least 3 break-ins reported this month at Metro Detroit Secretary of State locations


OAK PARK, Mich. – After looking at the surveillance video, calling the thieves brazen may be an understatement.

The video shows them in a stolen minivan plow their way inside the Secretary of State branch on West 10 Mile Road in Oak Park. They had their eyes on an ATM that's bolted to the ground.

The thieves repeatedly rammed into the machine until it came apart from its base. The men put the ATM inside the van and took off. They were in and out in about 4 minutes.

"Not surprising. All this crime going on around here. It's sad," said Sean Tucker, a customer at the Secretary of State.

It's the third break-in this month at a Secretary Of State branch in Metro Detroit. There is video from a Hamtramck incident. too. In that case and in Inkster the thieves were not able to drive off with an ATM.

Police believe they're all connected.

The banking machines belong to ATM of America based in Hazel Park.

"If you want to tamper with the ATM of America brand we are going to do what we can to find you, to bring you to justice. We are just sick and tired of this. We are going to start offering rewards for every incident that takes place," said Sabah Ammouri, of ATM of America, Inc.

As police search for the ATM bandits, the Oak Park branch is boarded up and closed for repairs.

"It's a real inconvenience because you know I was taking care of something else and just ran up here but I got to go to another one," said customer Errick Crowell.