Dearborn Heights broken water main goes unfixed for more than a month

City, county at odds over who should fix Warren Road water main


DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – Puddles of wasted water, a stream gushing from the cracks of the sidewalk and can't leave out the thick sheets of ice. The mess has been in front of the Cardiovascular Clinical Associates medical facility for weeks.

"They come by, look at it and leave without making any repairs," said. Dr. Dan Harber, Cardiologist.

This water main on W. Warren Road in Dearborn Heights has been broken since – get this – December 2013. So whose problem is it? 

"Well, I started with the Dearborn Heights, I called city hall," said the clinic's Operations Director Craig Dimaya. "But they told me they were aware of the issue but that it's the city of Detroit's responsibility.:

There is proof the Detroit Water and Sewage Department has been out to look at the problem. Barricades with "DWSD" labeled are sitting in the middle of the streaming water. The county has even been out daily, to salt. But for the elderly patients that walk through the clinic's doors, the staff wants it fixed, by someone.

"Even with the salt it's extremely icy," said Dr. Harber. "I am concerned about my patients someone could fall and break a hip or worse."

On top of that, the recent news of a potential water rate hike in Detroit only makes this waiting game more difficult.

"I don't mind paying more money, but when I see thousands of gallons of water literally go down the drain and then they want to raise my bill? That's frustrating, very frustrating," said Dr. Harber.


After Local 4 contacted The Detroit Water and Sewage Department -- crews were dispatched to the broken main. It was determined that a 36-inch transmission main is broken. Repairs have begun. 

The department is asking anyone with an emergency water issue to call: 313-267-7401.