Nissan reveals new Resonance concept at 2013 NAIAS

Nissan displays hybrid concept of mid-sized crossover

Nissan Resonance
Nissan Resonance

DETROIT – Nissan had kept the sheet over its latest crossover concept until Tuesday morning at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The automaker revealed the Resonance, a likely replacement for the Murano which first hit the market in 2002. The Resonance's sharp design made a bold statement Tuesday as it took center stage in the Nissan display at Cobo Center.

Nissan displayed a hybrid concept of the mid-sized crossover. Gas mileage will be the focal point for such a vehicle.

From its glass roof to what Nissan calls a v-motion shape on the front end, the Resonance looked ready for any stage or any road.

Nissan says the interior won't disappoint. It boasts spacious seating with a modern design and full-sized feel for just a midsize crossover.

Tuesday's reveal began with the introduction of the 2014 Nissan Versa Note. Nissan displayed the Versa Note and Resonance as the future of the automaker.

However, as the automaker says, Nissan will be revealing a lot of vehicles between now and 2016. The new Versa Note and Resonance concept, of course, may only represent examples and the not the future of Nissan etched in stone.

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