Police: Man stole school bus in Detroit, took it on wild ride to Warren

Police track stolen bus through GPS


WARREN, Mich. – A man is in custody after police say he stole a 50 passenger school bus in Detroit Wednesday morning and took it on a bizarre, wild drive that turned dangerous.

The bus was left running outside Safeway Transportation at 5:30 a.m. at Conant and Davison streets on Detroit's East side.

The bus driver went to an office to pick up information about a field trip and returned to find the bus gone.

The bus is equipped with several security cameras. On them, you can see a man approach the bus, get in and drive away.

Every move of his getaway is captured by the cameras and was also tracked by company employees via the bus's GPS system. The bus company was able to relay the information all to Michigan State Police.

First, the man drove the bus to the Windsor Tunnel. A toll worker asked the bus thief for $8.50 to cross, but the man said he didn't have the money.

The bus company says school buses aren't allowed to cross into Canada, and they don't know why the empty bus being driven by a man with no money didn't raise suspicions at the border. 

From there, the man sped north out of downtown Detroit on I-75, police said.

The GPS system could read the bus was at its maximum speed of 62 miles per hour.

On camera, you can see the driver side-swipes another vehicle but keeps speeding on. The driver of the vehicle that was hit was not hurt, police said.

The man drove the bus to Warren and drove it to the back of an apartment complex at Hoover near 12 Mile Road, police said.

When he put the bus into park, a safety system on the bus shut the engine off. The man then got off of the bus and hid in the hallway of one of the apartment buildings, police said. A neighbor there alerted Warren police and MSP as to where the man was hiding.

The man was found and questioned. Police say he admitted to stealing the bus, but didn't give a reason as to why he stole the bus. 

"It's not smart or safe to steal a school bus," said Patricia Whitlow, who runs Safeway Transportation. "I'm glad we had the equipment on the bus to find out exactly where he was and we're glad no one was hurt."

Charges are pending against the man who stole the bus.


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