5-year-old Brownstown Township boy calls 911 to save dad who passed out

911 operator helps boy find address, EMS rushes to save sick father


BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Five-year-old Jackson McManus is a hero after calling 911 last week when he and his twin sister were home and their dad, Michael, passed out.

911 operator: Rockwood 911, what is your emergency?

Caller: My dad. My dad is sick.

911 operator: What's your address?

Caller: I don't know.

Jackson stayed calmed as the 911 operator helped him find his address.

911 operator: We're trying here. I'm trying to find what your address is. What about on the front of your garage? Are their numbers on the front of your garage?

Caller: Yeah

911 operator: They are. Can you tell me those numbers?

Caller: My address?

911 operator: Yeah I need that. That's going to be your address.

Jackson found his address. Paramedics arrived minutes later and rushed dad to the hospital.

"And then when I woke up I looked over and I saw the EMS, and I just didn't know how they got there. I was trying to get it all together, where they came from," said Michael.

As Michael listened to his son's call for help for the first time this afternoon he became emotional. He says he thankful his little boy knew what to do during an emergency.

"I was stunned and I called him a big boy, and I am really proud of him," he said.