Operation Get Down helps Detroit homeless in extreme cold

Group lends helping hands to those in Detroit who are out in the bitter cold


DETROIT – When the sun goes down and the night settles in it becomes bone-chilling cold.

While most people are running inside, these women are hitting the streets, taking homeless people out of the extreme cold.

"Want to make sure we get them all in. As many as we can. We do have extra mats and blankets," said Vanessa Boyd.

It's called Operation Get Down.

"We've had families. We've had children here. We make sure they have a warm meal, a warm place to sleep," said Boyd.

On Thursday night, they made several stops including the Rosa Parks Transit Center and Detroit Receiving Hospital where homeless people went when the cold became unbearable.

Anthony Lucas, 51, says he fell on hard times right at the beginning of winter and Operation Get Down saved his life.

"It gets real nippy out there and my hands get cold, frost bitten, but I make it to the door and I get warm again," said Lucas.

Boyd's compassion might be the warmest.

"And it gives me a chance to appreciate what I have," said Boyd. "Even when I didn't think I had enough, but I got so much more than this, and it gives me a chance to give back consistently, and if I can't give anything but a good hug or, 'How are you today?' and give you a warm place, make sure everything's OK, and give you a warm place, I'm OK with that," said Boyd.