Thief targets mother's purse in car outside Lake Orion daycare

Surveillance video shows brazen thief casing cars in middle of day outside Heartfelt Impressions Learning Center


LAKE ORION, Mich. – The Local 4 Defenders obtained surveillance video capturing a thief about to make his move in Lake Orion.

He was not scouring the parking lot of a busy mall. Instead, the guy was targeting mom's at a daycare.

That's right, a daycare.

After several minutes of testing different car doors, he finally found success: an open door and a purse in the vehicle. He got what he wanted and was gone before the victim, a mom dropping her child off, had any idea that she had been ripped off.

"To know that someone was that close and taking things and looking in cars, knowing that our families get in and out of their cars there everyday, it was unnerving," said Rhonda Meyers

Meyers owns Heartfelt Impressions Learning Center. It was there where the purse snatcher was caught on video peering into cars.

"It's scary to think of the bravado it took for him to back in and out so many times, watching," said Meyers.

Security is a top priority at the daycare. There are several surveillance cameras and the video is greatly helping police. Inside, they use fingerprint security technology to ensure the building is secure.

Everything is done to make sure parents and children are safe, yet this guy still did his thing in broad daylight.

"He was quick and he knew what he was doing as you watch the video. I have no doubt that this wasn't his first time," said Meyers.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.