Late-night vigil honors fallen Detroit officers

Officers Matthew Bowens, Jennifer Fettig killed in the line of duty February 16th, 2004


DETROIT – It's been 10 years since two Detroit police officers were shot and killed during a routine traffic stop.

The families of slain officers Jennifer Fettig and Matthew Bowens gathered overnight Sunday to honor their memory in the exact spot where the two were killed in 2004.

Fettig and Bowens had pulled over a vehicle at Gilbert Avenue and were calling in license plate information when the suspect got out and opened fire on them.

A candlelight vigil was held at the exact spot where the 26-year-old Fettig and 21-year-old Bowens lost their lives.

Fettig's mother thanked everyone who came to honor her daughter.

Bowen's brother, Jason, was also there.

"After 10 years, to see this level of support, is phenomenal," he said.

The pain will never go away, but neither will the support.