Man charged with violent break-in at neighbor's home

Jeremy Jones accused of shooting neighbor while breaking into home in Taylor

Jeremy Jay Jones arraignement
Jeremy Jay Jones arraignement

TAYLOR, Mich. – A man Local 4 interviewed about a violent break-in at his neighbor's home in Taylor is now facing charges in connection with the crime.

Local 4 interviewed Jeremy Jones after his neighbor, 42-year-old John Joseph Henry, was shot in the head during a confrontation with an intruder on Feb. 10.

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Police said the intruder was in the middle of stealing from Henry's home on Wilkie Street when Henry tried to stop him and ended up getting shot.

Police now identify the intruder as Jones.

Jones allegedly threatened Henry's girlfriend, who was also in the home, telling her he would come back to kill her if she told police anything.

Henry remains in critical condition.

Jones is charged with assault with intent to murder, armed robbery, home invasion, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, receiving and concealing stolen property, felon in possession of a firearm, larceny of a firearm, felonious assault, discharge or a firearm in a building and felony firearm.

Additionally, William Wayne Chaffin has been charged with allegedly helping Jones with the stolen items.

Chaffin is facing receiving and concealing stolen property, felon in possession of a firearm, accessory after the face and felony firearm.

During the interview with Local 4, Jones praised Henry, saying he helped pull out his car one time when it was stuck in the snow.