Rochester to install new parking meters

City of Rochester replacing original meters as part of Main Street Make Makeover Project


ROCHESTER, Mich. – The city of Rochester is installing a new parking meter system that will allow visitors the convenience of paying by coin or credit card.

Three hundred parking meters will be installed, replacing the original meters that were removed in 2012 as part of the Main Street Makeover.

Rochester City Manager Jaymes Vettraino said the goal is to make sure the meters are convenient for customers to operate. The city is excited to be partnering with a great company to bring a new innovative parking meter to Rochester.

Mayor Jeffrey T. Cuthbertson said in order to support our city's continued growth, Rochester is implementing a 21st-Century parking management district, including the placement of these new convenient meters.

The new parking meter project is an exciting improvement for the city. Parking ambassadors will be on the streets during the launch week to offer assistance or answer questions about the new parking meters.

For more information, contact the City of Rochester at 248-651-9061 or visit, http://www.rochestermi.org