How to clear roof of damaging ice dams

Experts give advice on how prevent ice dams from forming on your rooftop

DETROIT – Severe winter weather across the Metro Detroit area has caused pile ups of snow and ice to form on rooftops of many homes.

Ice dams form when warm air in an attic melts the snow on the roof. Water then drips down to the gutter and refreezes near the colder edge. If the frozen water becomes thick enough, it has nowhere to go but into your home.

Homeowner Marybeth Romero says the vent in her family room was dripping water and she worries about an ominous ridge growing on the front of her house.

Contractor Robert Kolodin said he's wading through his own flood of calls from homeowners looking for help

Homeowners can now use a roof rake to clear the snow off their roofs to prevents ice dams from forming. Roof rakes can be used from the ground and are the safest tool in the winter weather.

Contractors also say not to put salt on the roof of your home, use calcium chloride instead.