Michigan lawmakers push bill to require security guards to be trained

Michigan is 1 of 7 states not requiring specific training for security guards

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Michigan state lawmakers are pushing a bill to mandate security companies to train their guards that are in places like malls.

Security expert Tom Berry says security guards are only there for the uniform or presence but guards are able to detain and even use force if necessary.

The proposed bill will require security guards to learn the proper use of Tasers and pepper spray. It also will require guards to take classes on the use of force, CPR, first aid and emergency preparedness.

Michigan is one of seven states that do not require training for security guards. Security guards that work in schools and banks are licensed under the Michigan State Police.

McKenzie Cochran died last month. The Ferndale man was pepper-sprayed and restrained by guards after a shop owner at Northland Center in Southfield felt threatened and called for help.

Police are investigating, and medical examiners are awaiting toxicology results to help determine a cause of death.