Snow, ice busting budgets in Metro Detroit counties

Money to be appropriated to make up the difference


ROCHESTER, Mich. – Another day, another round of heavy snow. We're all over it -- the relentless snow and ice has busted the budgets in every county for plowing and salt.

And they were over during Metro Detroit's last major snow event earlier this month.

"I compare winter to be the Justin Bieber of all seasons. It was kind of cute and exciting when it first started out. Now, it's a bit obnoxious and should probably stay in Canada," said Ryan Donnellon, of Rochester.

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Not plowing and salting is not an option. Money will have to be appropriated to make up the difference.

The mounting snow piles weighing heavily not only the finances, but on just making it through the day to day.

"I was over it in January," said Victor Drucker, of Rochester. "I was beyond over it in the middle of January for myself."

What's worse: digging out or driving in it?

"I enjoy shoveling to a point but leave the driving to the other guy," said Judy Privasky, of Rochester.

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