Local 4 Defenders: Detroit has $82 million in unpaid parking tickets


DETROIT – The Local 4 Defenders have uncovered $82 million in unpaid parking tickets in Detroit. So who owes the most and why haven't they paid up?

Inside a Detroit courtroom, driver after driver comes in to battle their parking ticket.

Most have a story as to why they shouldn't have been given a ticket in the first place -- others just end up paying their fee to the city.

Through public records, the Defenders did some digging and had found out who the top lawbreakers are and how much they owe the city.



Kenneth Nunga from Southfield owes $8,540

Cevonia McClure from Detroit owes $8,575

Blair Dell Mahone from Detroit owes the city $8,740. Mahone is former Detroit police officer.

Thomas Matthews from Highland Park owes more than $9,000

Tanja Cross from Southgate owes more than $10,000

Janice Suber from Detroit owes more than $11,000

Michelle Marlo-Klims from San Diego also owes more than $11,000

Kelvin Cousins from Detroit owes more than $13,500. The Defenders found Cousins' apartment in Cadillac Square, but were told he had been evicted.

A company, Rent a Ride USA, which is registered in Warren, owes $14,210 to the city. The company is owned by Majed Dabish, who lives in Orchard Lake.

The No. 1 offender who owes the most to Detroit? Dice Global Investments in Detroit, which is owned by Osama Kadi. The tab is $15,355. 

So, what does the city have to say about all the money that is owed?

James Canty of Detroit's parking division says outdated addresses add to the problem of collecting money. Canty said Detroit isn't going to go outside city limits to do things like booting and impounding.


So what's the city doing now to try to get the millions its owed?

Canty said it's putting holds on licenses when they come up for renewal, taking drivers who owe to court and reporting them to the credit bureau.

The Defenders did find out that the $82 million owed to the city includes late fees and court fees. After 10 years, the city is also not allowed to collect on fees – and some of the overdue money is more than 10 years old. So, the city will never see some of the money it's owed.

If you have a parking ticket, payment can be mailed to:

The City of Detroit – Parking

PO Box 2549

Detroit, MI, 4821

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