90-year-old Detroit man robbed at gunpoint in home

Thief looks for anything of value inside man's home, finds $1 inside wallet


DETROIT – Awakened from his sleep with a gun pointed at his head, a 90-year-old man was targeted in his own home with the robbers getting away with only a dollar.

Jerry Batey has lived in his stately Detroit home since 1963 and said he has never had a problem until early Sunday morning.

"I was asleep. They walked right in on me," said Batey. "I didn't hear a noise."

An armed man made his way in through a back window and pointed a gun at the 90-year-old man.

"I turned over. I felt it. They had it on my head," said Batey. "I was nervous, tried to play it cool as possible...They didn't push me too hard. Just told me to be quiet. Scared me to death, though."

The man with a gun started looking for anything of value. The thief riffled through Batey's dresser, envelopes on his desk and then he grabbed Batey's wallet. Inside -- one dollar.

"That's all I had," said Batey.

But don't think Batey has plans to leave Detroit, as it's quite the opposite. He's hitting the weights, building his strength and will do anything to protect the home he loves.

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