Detroit Metro Airport employees allegedly smuggling drugs

Feds say airport employees use positions to smuggle drugs into different states

Drugs are being smuggled through airport security
Drugs are being smuggled through airport security

DETROIT – Federal investigators busted a major drug operation that involved smuggling drugs into airports.

Several airports around the country expanding from California to Detroit are involved in the cartel. Drugs were smuggled by airport baggage claim employees who worked in San Diego and were allegedly passing bags through airport security that contained drugs. The drugs were then passed on to baggage claim employees in other areas such Metro Detroit.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Wheat says in spite of the criminal background checks of their employees, they still managed to use their positions to reach the airport security. Drugs were hidden in bags and traded off person to person in bathroom stalls inside of the airports, including Detroit Metro Airport.

After the bags made it through security, they were picked up outside of the airport and taken to local drug homes. The search is under investigation for local drug dealers who are involved in the cartel.