Detroit grandmother has gun pointed in face, robbed by 2 masked men

Estrellita Cross not harmed during break-in at home early Thursday morning on city's west side


DETROIT – It was just after 4 a.m. Thursday when two masked men kicked their way inside of Estrellita Cross' home on Winston Street on Detroit's west side.

"I thought they were going to kill me," Cross told Local 4. "The door was getting yanked and yanked. I said, 'Oh, my God,' they are trying to break in, but when they pointed the gun at me, I told them to come on in."

Cross said the men told her to go to the kitchen, but she went and hid in the laundry room. She shut the door and didn't let go.


"I held on to the handle for dear life. I didn't want them to come find me," she said.

Detroit police said the men ransacked the home and got away with more than $200 in cash.

"They told me they were on their way out and not to call the police and called me a name, but I did as soon as it was safe," Cross said.

Cross has given these descriptions to police:

2 black males

Both around 6 feet tall

Between 160 – 180lbs

Both wearing black ski masks

One man was wearing a dark blue coat and latex gloves. The other had braids, was wearing a black hoodie with "Detroit" written on the front in white letters, and had no laces in his shoes. 

"I hope they catch them. I really hope they do," said Cross. "Detroit police responded so fast. I am grateful."

Cross, who is a grandmother of 10, said that while the robbers didn't get away with much, there is one thing she can't get back. 

"My comfort, my comfort zone. This is my home and I'm not comfortable now," she said. 

There was no get-away car spotted and Detroit police are asking anyone with information on the robbery to report it.