Road relief may not be enough to fix Mich. roads

Dodging potholes becoming art form in cities like Rochester Hills


ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – As roads across Metro Detroit continue to disintegrate, there is a new movement in Lansing aimed at throwing more money at the problem but nowhere near what the governor believes needs to be spent on infrastructure.

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Dodging potholes has become an art form in Rochester Hills -- the roads are so pitted it's like running an obstacle course to get through.

Forget saving your tire; some roads like Tienken Road are so miserable, you'll be lucky if you get through with your spleen intact.

But interestingly enough, head into the city of Rochester proper and the roads are in much much better shape. Why? Because road repair is a priority there.

"We spend millions on our little town to keep our roads good," said Rochester Mayor Pro-Tem Stuart Bikson.

Bikson said it's time for the legislature to get serious about funding the infrastructure, and that counties and municipalities need to step up as well.

You'll remember the governor tried to get the legislature to fund $1 billion for road and infrastructure repair two years ago -- it went absolutely nowhere.

"Let's not put off a comprehensive solution," said Gov. Rick Snyder. "Let's talk about how to move something significant forward."

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