Man hit by car door while walking down street

Victim argued with man prior to incident


PONTIAC, Mich. – A 40-year old man from Pontiac was hit by a car door while walking down the street near Columbia and Carlisle Roads on Friday.

A witness to the incident said that he was walking down the street with the victim when he heard a car coming from behind. He says that he and the victim moved towards the sidewalk, but when the witness turned around, he saw a black car come over into the oncoming traffic lane, open the driver's door and hit the victim.

The victim was knocked on the ground and the car fled the scene.

The witness says that before the incident, he and the victim had argued with a man at a store regarding an earlier incident. He said that the car that hit the victim was not at the store during the argument.

The victim was taken to McLaren Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police checked the area but didn't find the suspect vehicle. Detectives will investigate the incident.