Detroit neighbors say street has become trash dumping ground

Residents on Casino Avenue are fed up with people dumping trash in their neighborhood


DETROIT – Detroit police raided a home Tuesday night on the city's east side for what they dubbed "Operation March Madness."

They found cocaine stashed in a baby's shoe and took two men into custody. The people who live on the block applaud Police Chief James Craig for cleaning up the streets, but just feet away from this raid there's so much more to clean up.

"I've been staying over here for 22 years and (Casino Avenue) has always been the spot to dump the trash at," said Aaron Hardeman.

Neighbors say the vacant houses are becoming dumps.

"I don't understand why they won't just get a dumpster and throw it in the dumpster," said LaDonna Hicks.

Hicks lives right next door to a house where every day she finds more junk.

"It just keeps piling up. It ain't no point, you know, trying to clean up when they come right back. You know we can't cuss them out and get into it with them," she said.

Hardeman says there's a place for garbage and it's not here.

"I think people should stop dumping their trash in the street and take it to the dump site for free," he said.