Married same-sex couple disappointed with Michigan governor's decision

Gov. Rick Snyder says state won't recognize same-sex marriages until stay is lifted, or ruling is upheld


Jennifer Brown and Jennifer Carney were married Saturday at the Oakland County Clerk's Office.

Now they're disappointed by Gov. Rick Snyder's position on their marriage and about 300 others. Snyder says even though the marriage are valid "the rights tied to these marriages until the stay is lifted or Judge Friedman's decision is upheld on appeal."

Brown and Carney had planned to immediately file for joint adoption of their 4-month-old son Benjamin. Carney delivered him after being artificially inseminated.

"So if something were to happen to my partner, legally I'm not recognized as anyone of significance in his life, and that's terrifying and heartbreaking," said Brown.

She says the governor's position is contradictory.

"Yeah that doesn't make any sense. It's either valid or it's not," she said.

Brown and Carney were introduced five years ago by a same-sex couple who also got married last weekend. Brown believes whether it's a matter of months or years, she and the love of her life will enjoy a fully legal marriage.

"At some point we're going to look back on this just like we look back on so many other social issues over the decades and think, 'Gosh that was really silly. That was a waste of time,'" she said.

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