Detroit emergency manager releases post-bankruptcy plan for $120 million

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr plans to put $120 million toward police, fire, blight removal

DETROIT – Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr revealed late Friday afternoon his plans for $120 million in post-bankruptcy money, and it's all aimed at improving the quality of life for Detroiters.

View/download: Kevyn Orr's plan for $120 million after bankruptcy

Orr has said all along that not only does he have to clean up the city's balance sheet but equally important is upgrading how the city works. The quality of city services delivered over the past couple decades has been relatively poor, which is why Orr is putting the money right where it is needed most.

The biggest chunk -- $36.2 million -- is going to the Detroit Police Department for squad cars, new precincts and hiring. The second biggest chunk of the money -- $35.6 million -- will go to blight removal.

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The Detroit Fire Department comes in at No. 3 as Orr plans to throw $28.5 million at it for new vehicles, new information technology and hiring.

Rounding out the top five departments getting sizeable cash finance under the emergency manager's plan are finance and general city services, both getting about $25 million.

Earlier this month Detroit City Council approved the $120 million loan deal with investment bank Barclays.


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