Automotive supplier alleges GM knew of problems years ago


DETROIT – Automotive supplier Delphi has released new documents that paint what some lawmakers call a disturbing picture about what General Motors knew years before the recent recalls.

House Energy and Commerce Committee laid out disturbing allegations in documents obtained by Local 4 Sunday.

Delphi alleged GM was well aware ignition switches did not meet specifications years ago but moved ahead anyway. The new information comes as GM CEO Mary Barra is set to testify before the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee at a hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

Barra will take center stage, answering tough questions about what GM knew and when. Her comments on this issue so far have been well scripted and rehearsed.

Thousands of documents have already been released to Washington insiders of reports of problems, accidents, deaths and all association with those ignition switches.

"Although we have had the documents for less than a week, they paint an unsettling picture," said Rep. Tim Murphy.

"Lives are at stake, and we will follow the facts, where they take us as we work to pinpoint where the system failed," said Rep. Fred Upton. "We now know the problems persisted over a decade, the red flags were many, and yet those responsible failed to connect the dots."

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