3 men ordered tried in Detroit CVS security guard's slaying

2 charged with murder in shooting death of security guard who tried to help stop carjacking in Detroit


DETROIT – For the first time we're hearing directly from the men investigators say shot and killed CVS security guard Courtney Meeks in the store parking lot on Feb. 26.

During the hearing Tuesday recordings of their interviews with detectives were played.

Investigators say store surveillance video shows a woman coming out of the CVS on Schaefer Highway as her adult cousin and 6-year-old son were being carjacked by Jeremy Jackson and Jamare Rucker.

"I ran back in the CVS and I was screaming for help that I was being carjacked, that my cousin was out in the vehicle and just please save my son," the woman said in court.

Meeks ran out the door. Seconds later, Boyd heard gunshots. Meeks was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Earlier that night investigators say Jackson, Rucker and Ronnie Anderson-Williams targeted another woman as she pulled into her driveway. She says they her told to hand over her keys.

When they couldn't get her SUV started that's when Jackson and Rucker headed to the CVS where investigators say they had a deadly confrontation with Meeks.

Jackson and Rucker are charged with first-degree murder, while all three face armed robbery and firearms charges. They're scheduled to appear April 8 in Wayne County Circuit Court.