Detroit Institute of Arts raises money to safeguard collection


DETROIT – Detroit pensioners are taking on the Detroit Institute of Arts, rallying against cuts to their benefits, while the museum gets saved.

Ever since Kevyn Orr set off the warning bell that the treasures inside the walls of the DIA were vulnerable to bankruptcy, it's been a mad dash to safeguard the collection.

Now, sources at the museum say they've got the commitments for the cash to move the museum out of peril and into a non-profit and none of the treasures would have to be sold.

However, for it all to fall together, there has to be a mediated settlement with Detroit's pensioners.

With the committee representing those pensioners subpoenaing records at the DIA, it would appear the odds of a settlement happening before May just fell.

Why is May so important? Because even the governor acknowledges getting the state to kick in its portion of this so-called grand bargain to backfill the pension and save the collection drastically diminishes as many legislators continue to balk at sending state money to Detroit.

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