Seth Rogen: Detroit mayor should smoke crack

Rogen made comments on 'The Conan O'Brien Show' Tuesday night


DETROIT – Seth Rogen has some advice for the mayor of Detroit: maybe try smoking crack.

During an interview on "The Conan O'Brien Show" Tuesday night, Rogen suggested the mayor of Detroit smoke crack because Toronto's mayor Rob Ford does, and that city looks great.

"You go to Toronto and it's like ... it's really a beautiful city that is very well running, a lot better than a lot of non-mayor-crack-smoking cities that I've been to in my life. Like, Detroit is right across the river and their mayor doesn't smoke crack but maybe he should!"

He also went on to say that crack helps you get a lot done.

"You don't associate crack with laziness - at all. You don't sleep much, you don't eat much, you get a lot done. You're a busybody on crack."


What do you think of Seth's comments? Funny or offensive?

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