Detroit iPhone theft victim's husband nabs suspects

Suspects fight with husband in gas station parking lot

DETROIT – Two suspects in a series of iPhone thefts in southwest Detroit are now in custody after the husband and young son of one victim confronted those suspects.

The victim, who did not want to be identified, said she was in her car in a parking lot at Springwells and Vernor Wednesday evening when a woman approached offering to sell her an iPad.  But that woman reached in and took the victim's purse and ran.

Meanwhile, the victim's 6-year-old son called his mother's iPhone, which was answered by the thief.  The thief told the boy his family could get the phone and purse back for $250.

"She told me if I call the police, she was going to put a bullet in my brain, but it went from cussing to working it out," the boy said.

When the victim and her husband went to a gas station at Vernor and Livernois to meet the thief, the woman who took the purse approached and pointed a gun at the victim.

"I told her to calm down, I'm a mom with two kids, please don't kill me, don't harm them, don't scare them," the victim said.

At that point, a man joined the woman with the gun.  That prompted the victim's husband to jump out and confront the man, scuffling with him and detaining him until police arrived.

Detroit police Sgt. Manny Guiterrez said he would not advise any other victims to take the same action.

"I would not recommend it because you never know what you are dealing with," Guiterrez said.

Police believe the two suspects in custody are responsible for other similar robberies because the vehicle they had been driving matched descriptions of the getaway car in those other cases.

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