Detroit reacts to Donald Sterling's alleged racist comments

Clippers owner under fire for comments caught on recording


If you've heard the recordings of Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling allegedly making racist comments, you know what everyone is talking about.

"The owners have a major responsibility because it's a club," former Piston Dave Bing said. "It's a very short list of people who own professional franchises. I'm sure some of those owners know about this guy and now they need to get rid of him some kind of way. They need to say ‘you're no longer welcome in our club."

Rev. Wendall Anthony, of the NAACP's Detroit branch, released a statement that read in part: "These remarks strike at the very heart of an illness that affects the growth and continuous progress of our nation to be a place where diversity is valued rather than a place where diversity is maligned. We must continue to work for an America that respects all of her sons and daughters."

It was certainly the main topic of conversation on Mitch Albom's radio show Monday.

"To hear the comments made in a league that is 70-80 percent black, you knew this would be an explosive issue and it is," Albom said. "To have an owner make dumb remarks is nothing new. It's happened in baseball, it's happened in football. I imagine he will be suspended."

Pistons President Tom Gores released his own statement that read in part: "There is no place for prejudice in the league or anywhere else."

Pistons Guard Chauncey Billips was very vocal Monday talking with reporters on the local level and the national level. He told Scott Van Pelt Monday that the currently Clippers players could have done more than stage a silent protest in game 4 of their playoff series with the Warriors.

"There's no way I would have played that game," Billups said. "This is bigger than game 3, game 4 in a playoff series."