Video: Student attempts backflip during Davenport's graduation ceremony

Davenport University graduation ceremony was held on Sunday


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – It happens at every graduation ceremony -- someone trying to make their walk down the stage stand out.

Well, this Davenport University graduate might take the cake.

On Sunday, during the Davenport graduation ceremony, Robert Jeffrey Blank walked up the stage, shook hands with school administrators, removed his cap and planted his feet for a celebratory backflip.

Let's just say it could have gone better. It appears that Blank didn't get the rotation he has hoped for with the flip, and landed face first on the stage, drawing gasps and laughter from the crowd and fellow graduates.

The video below is the entire graduation ceremony, but the flip happens around the 3:00:00 mark. Watch it below or right here.


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