Westside neighborhood's trash piles up for weeks


DETROIT – Neighbors on the west side of Detroit are upset over a mess of their trash that's been piling up for three weeks; not because of illegal dumping, because their garbage simply is not being picked up.

"I'm very upset. (It's) been three weeks now," said Alison Woodfolk.

When Local 4 showed up at Woodfolk's home on Robson she was heated.

"I want to see the garbage picked up. Don't keep telling me you're coming. Let's get it done, don't lie to us," Woodfolk said.

With the garbage piled high and leaving a stench in the area, Woodfolk decided to take matters into her own hands.

"I went and started knocking on doors, asking the residents to call channel 4 news," Woodfolk said. "I called the city and she said it would be picked up in a couple of days, but it never happened."

Woodfolk said she finally got on the phone with the city to make them aware of the problem and give them the address of where the mess was piling up. Two hours later crews were out scooping up the trash.

Neighbors said they have never been so happy to see a garbage truck.

"I'm sure they're glad to see us coming as well," a city worker said.

City officials said due to the upcoming transition to privatize trash collection in the city, they've been experiencing a large number of DPW employees not showing up for work. But they're on the job now.

Local 4 went back to Woodfolk's home to tell deliver the good news.

"That's what I'm talking about," Woodfolk said. "I want to say thank you to you guys. I believe by calling you all and putting heat on them, (that) made them do what they're supposed to do."

The city said over the past week crews have been catching up on a larger than normal amount of bulk trash and yard waste that residents have put out this time of year.

"I feel good," Woodfolk said. "I was just in there praying. (I) knew God would take care of it."