Ypsilanti Township mom helps police catch fleeing suspect

Suspect stole, crashed Washtenaw County Sheriff's deputy's patrol car


YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A man who stole a Washtenaw County Sheriff's deputy's patrol car was arrested after crashing the car and leading deputies on a foot chase.

A young Ypsilanti Township mother helped lead police to the suspect.

The episode began Tuesday morning, with deputies responding to a home invasion report on George Place.  A suspect took off in a pickup truck, but was stopped a short distance away.

He was put into a deputy's car for questioning and was not handcuffed.

Somehow, the suspect kicked out the partition between the front and back seats and took off in the patrol car.  When he crashed it on Glenwood Street, between Parkwood and Hawthorne streets, he took off running.

A young mother saw him run and followed him, helping deputies catch up with the suspect and arrest him.

The mother, who does not want to be identified, explained why she got involved.

"I knew that if he didn't get caught, there was a chance he'd still be in the neighborhood. That's why I went after him," the mother said.

The suspect is expected to be in court Wednesday to face charges.

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