Detroit Zoo welcomes newborn Pudus

Pudus is smallest species of deer


ROYAL OAK, Mich. – The Detroit Zoo is welcoming a new addition to their south pudus family. The herd welcomed Noni on March 25, marking the third pudu birth in the last two years.

"Noni is full of energy and can be seen running and leaping through the pudu habitat at times," said Detroit Zoological Society Curator of Mammals Elizabeth Arbaugh. "She is a welcome addition to the U.S. zoo population of southern pudus, which numbers less than forty."

Found in the temperate rainforests of southern Chile and Argentina, the southern pudu (Pudu puda) can reach a height of 18 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 25 pounds at maturity.

The tiny deer has reddish-brown fur and diminutive features, including rounded ears, small black eyes and short legs.
Noni can be seen daily with her family, weather permitting, in the Detroit Zoo's pudu habitat near two other South American mammals, the giant anteaters and bush dogs.

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