Rash of car thefts reported in Redford Township

Thefts happening along Schoolcraft Road between Telegraph, Beech Daly roads


REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Redford Township police are investigating a rash of car thefts. It's happening primarily in the neighborhoods along Schoolcraft between Telegraph Road and Beech Daly Road. 

Over the weekend, Sherry Rehahn became the fourth person at her job recently to have a car stolen. They all live in Redford Township. 

"I just thought maybe it can't happen to me because I have an older car and theirs are new. It can happen to anyone," Rehahn said.

Police say there have been been seven car thefts and three attempted car thefts in the past two weeks.

They've also had six cases where just tires and wheels were stolen.

The thieves destroyed the ignition trying to get away with Matt Bogard's 2004 Dodge Durango.


Now, he's stuck with the repair bill. 

"It's tough. These people don't want to go out and make a living but you want to make a living stealing," Bogard said.

Most of the stolen cars have been found sitting on blocks.

Investigators believe the thieves are making several hundred dollars off the wheels and tires.

As police try to track down the group responsible, neighbors are wondering who will be the next victim.

"I am worried that my wife or my car will be stole and we will have to pay," said Francois DeGraffenreid.

Map of car thefts in Redford Township