Audit reveals mismanagement of Detroit's parking department

A look at Detroit's parking operations in past 5 years

DETROIT – Detroit will be jacking up parking ticket prices and is currently trying to get those with heaps of tickets to pay them off during an amnesty program, but the real problem is how Detroit's parking operations have been run for the past five years.

Watch: Detroit has parking ticket amnesty program in May

A look through the audit of Detroit's parking system and the same words and phrases pop up, over and over again -- did not, was not, does not, failed and deficiencies.

In other words Detroit's parking department is mismanaged.

"We may have to do away with the whole department and start over," said George Cushingberry, Detroit council president pro-tem.

A recent audit reveals seven test cases where people with parking violations didn't know exactly what they really owed with major discrepancies up to $3,913.

Notices that cars were to be booted had not necessarily been sent out.

Finally, the parking department has given 133 fuel cards for employees -- 77 of the cards could not be accounted for. Forty-six of the unaccounted for cards were assigned to people no longer working there and the department didn't cancel those fuel cards.

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