Pizza Hut unveils Kentucky Derby hats made out of boxes

Hats designed by 'Project Runway' designer

(Angela Bacskocky/Pizza Hut)

Saturday marks the 140th Kentucky Derby and the opening leg of the Triple Crown.

In honor of this year's Derby, Pizza Hut will be giving away "Derby Hats" made from pizza and wings boxes as well as other materials found at the restaurant, reports ABC News.

Pizza Hut is giving away the hats through social media channels leading up to the race.

The hats were created by designer Angela Bacskocky from season 12 of the reality TV show "Project Runway."

Pizza Hut has also renamed its breadsticks "thoroughbread sticks" and are offering them at a discounted price through race day.

The source of the popular pizza chain's Derby pride? Yum! Brands owns Pizza Hut and is based in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the legendary race.