Troy collecting addresses for 'Do Not Knock' registry

City will give solicitors list of addresses they are required to skip over when going door-to-door

TROY, Mich. – An unwanted knock at the door. An unexpected ring of the doorbell. We've all been there, but in the city of Troy, you don't have to worry about unwanted sales pitches anymore.

"We started getting complaints that solicitors were knocking on doors at 8:30 pm, 9 p.m., and residents just weren't happy," said City Clerk Aileen Bittner. "So that's what had me look into this idea."

That idea is the "Do Not Knock" registry, a list that lets door-to-door sales reps know which homes to skip.

However, the registry only applies for sales pitches, it does not apply to political and religious door-to-door activity, because both of those are protected under the First Amendment.

"It's not just about the safety of our residents, but it also helps solicitors who are trying to make a living, go where their business is wanted," Bittner said.

Bittner said at least 100 solicitors register with the city. They all go through background checks and must be licensed. All of the licensed sales reps work with the city to gain access to the "do not knock" list from a separate website.

"It's updated every day, every hour, every minute in its digital format," Bittner said.

Anyone interested in signing up for the registry can so online, or by writing to the city clerk's office via email, or by dropping a letter in the City Hall dropbox -- which is located at 500 W. Big Beaver Road.

Those who register are put on the list for five years.

These are the hours solicitors are allowed to go door-to-door in Troy:

Winter: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Summer: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.