Ypsilanti storage facility under investigation after items go missing

Customers say items from their units were being sold at consignment shop


YPSILANTI, Mich. – Randy Heldt is the owner of The Place With Space storage facility in Ypsilanti.

It's a business his father ran before he died earlier this year. Now, Randy is sitting in hot water for something he said was an accident.

He wouldn't talk on camera.

"Talk to my attorney," he said. "Turn the camera off."

But his customers who rent storage lockers from him would.

Dawn Rehmels is a month ahead on her payments for her storage unit. However, she found the lock cut off the unit and many of her personal belongings that were inside gone. She had expensive hunting equipment and musical instruments inside, and items that can't be replaced such as letters she wrote as a child to her father who was dying from cancer.

"I had these letters I had written to him in crayon. The letters were burned. I had photos of my son when he was 2-and-1/2 years old and he died in a car accident. Those were the only pictures I had of him. Those were burned," she said.

They were burned at a nearby consignment shop, a shop that was selling Rehmels' belongings and belongings from other customers at The Place With Space.

Another customer found her items from her locker for sale at the resale shop. She said her grandmother's silverware was going for $10. It's sold now.

Now Rendy Heldt's customers are looking for their belongings. Local 4 found Heldt at the Pittsfield Township Police Department.

He is under criminal investigation.

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