Police: Gunman opens fire on Westland homeowner

Westland police search neighborhood for gunman


WESTLAND, Mich. – Westland police say a young homeowner nearly was shot Tuesday morning after someone knocked on his door in the 31000 block of Birchwood.

The man looked out his window and saw an African American man standing there. As he started to open the door, the man fired a shot at him. The gunshot shattered the door but missed the homeowner.

"I came home to a bunch of police swarming our neighborhood and the officer told me that there was a black guy breaking into houses," said Stephanie Capponi, who lives next door.

The gunman ran to his car parked in the driveway and fired another shot. He missed the homeowner again, but hit the house.

Police searched the area for the gunman. They offered to walk through Capponi's home to make sure he wasn't hiding inside.

"Yeah it's scary. You don't want that in your neighborhood," she said.

Police have never been to the home. The homeowner said he never saw the man before.

Police are searching for the gunman who fled in a dark-colored Ford Five Hundred.

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