Storms leave mess in Ann Arbor neighborhood

Neighbors left cleaning up down trees after storms rip through on Tuesday


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The sounds of progress could be heard Wednesday after storms plowed through Ann Arbor the day before, toppling trees, power lines and leaving thousands in the dark.

What took seconds to bring down will take hours -- perhaps days -- to clean up. The damage is contained to just a few areas in the city. One of the hardest hit areas is at Grandview and Dexter.

Crews spent the day cutting down trees. Kenny Nowicki heard the rumble when a tree landed on his neighbor's garage.

"I'm glad it fell that way instead of on my apartment because I would be without an apartment today," he said.

Hidden behind the branches and leaves is a car.

"I hope there is insurance," said Nowicki.

Maurilio Flores waited this morning for his insurance agent to assess the damage after a tree landed on his home. He knew it was just a matter of time before this tree was uprooted.

"Someday I figured it was going to fall because it was leaning into my house, and it did," he said.

He says he's lucky that it didn't cause more damage to his house.