Flooded basements common this time of year in metro Detroit

Roto-Rooter sees spike in flooded basements with spring thaw, rain


LIVONIA, Mich. – You don't really think about the pipes leading into your house until one day you walk in your basement and it's full of water.

"I was doing so some daily laundry and voila!" Alan Richardson said. "I don't know how long, or where it started. It was really sloshing around down there to walk around."

Sloshing -- not something you want to be doing in your basement, but that's what the Livonia resident woke up to, and he's not alone.

"Yes, we've been very busy," said Pat Walsh, of Roto-Rooter. "When we get our spring thaws, right after that, and you add in the heavy rain we've been getting. We can get 100 calls in an hour."

Walsh said his company has gotten calls from residents all over metro Detroit. In Richardson's case, his storm trap was plugged; therefore the rain water was not able to leave the foundation.

Walsh unplugged the clog, and then sent a special camera into the drain to make sure there weren't any larger issues in play. He said homeowners should routinely check up on their drains every few years to hopefully prevent problems like these.

"This is one of the most important things in your house," Walsh said. "It's always good to maintain it as best you can."