76-year-old Army veteran shot in Detroit home

Shooter fired shots through man's front door

DETROIT – A 76-year-old Army veteran has seen plenty of gunfire during his life, but he never expected to be shot at inside his own home.

The shots came after someone knocked on his door early Friday morning. Now three bullet holes can be seen at his front door, but luckily the man lived to tell the story.

"Makes me feel all of a sudden I'm not safe anymore," said Art Sanchez.

A total of five bullets hit the front of Sanchez's home during a matter of seconds. Luckily, only one of those shots hit the man, striking his right hand.

"They looked at it," Sanchez said. "He says 'might have to stitch it up,' I said 'you don't have anything there to stitch.'"

As an Army veteran, Sanchez has seen a lot in his days. When he saw someone standing at his front door around 4 in the morning, he knew it was trouble.

"I see my daughter standing over here at the door talking to somebody," Sanchez said. "And I said 'what does he want?' he says he's looking for somebody, I says 'we don't know who you're looking for just get out of here,' next thing I know I get called to the door, start walking away and hear (shots), all of a sudden I felt that in my finger, my thumb and I went down."

These shots were heard by all the neighbors. Jimmy Means, who lives down the street, was the second person to call 911.

"It was like three, four shots and then a pause, it was almost like they were reloading, and then they shot again," Means said.

When Detroit police arrived at the scene on Dolphin Street, the shooter was gone and all they found were casings.

Sanchez says he only saw one man on his porch, but police believe that two may have been involved. Sanchez also saw a white SUV take off down the street.

Sanchez's daughter and wife, who were both home during the incident, were uninjured.

If you have any information, you are asked to call Detroit police.