Teen dies after being struck by drag-racing motorcycle in Detroit

15-year-old boy dies in hospital after motorcycle strikes him on Lonyo Street


DETROIT – It was about 8 p.m. Tuesday when 15-year-old Asharf Almansoob tried to cross Lonyo Street but was hit by a drag-racing motorcycle.

Two bikes were traveling at more than 100 miles per hour on Lonyo Street.

"This time there was only two. Usually there is six of them that go flying. Something has to happen here besides us having our neighbors killed out here," said a neighbor.

He was at a hospital with serious injuries until he died this weekend. His family and neighbors have had enough. They want something to be done to turn the drag-racing strip back into a neighborhood street.

"Every house has got more than seven kids in it. Then it's summer time. Nobody gonna stay in the house all the time. They gotta play, they gotta go outside and do something," said a neighbor.

Almansoob's family will bury him on Tuesday. He died because someone else just didn't care.

"The most terrible thing is it happened in front of his house, in front of his parents and his younger siblings. So, imagine that -- how they would feel. Own son and sibling dies right in front of you," said a neighbor.

The neighbors want the street lights fixed and at least a stop sign. They'd ideally like a camera to help stop speeders.

One of the motorcyclists was arrested by police, while the other is still on the loose.

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