Warren mayor joins fireworks patrol looking for offenders


DETROIT – Setting off fireworks is legal in Michigan until midnight -- unless you live in Warren.

The city has its own, tougher rules for fireworks, and Monday night the mayor and police were on patrol, making sure those rules were followed.

Warren Mayor James Fouts rode along with police scoping out neighborhoods, making sure folks were abiding by the city's fireworks ordinance.

Sparks flew when one man was given a ticket for shooting off fireworks in the street.

Fouts said the man was breaking the local law, which bans fireworks from being used within 30 feet of any house, structure, building or vehicle, as well as on city streets and parks.

Fouts said for the most part that was the height of the action. Memorial night in Warren was quiet. Some neighbors said they think the mayor's patrols are petty and a waste of city resources. He said it's all about safety.