4 Detroit police patrol cars damaged

Deputy chief says someone cut through fence at 6th Precinct


DETROIT – Detroit police are working to catch whoever is responsible for vandalizing four patrol cars.

Deputy Chief Renee Hall said the damage happened Monday night while the cars were parked in a lot at the 6th Precinct.

"Apparently someone had cut through a hole in the fence that is adjacent to the 6th Precinct and attempted to damage the scout cars," she said.

Hall said windows had been busted out and there was damage to trunks.


"At this time, we don't know what the actual cost or amount of damage that was done to the vehicles. But we do have some surveillance video from the business next door. So, we're actively reviewing that to identify who may be responsible for the damage to the vehicles."

The 6th Precinct is at 11450 Warwick Street.