Homeless woman attacked in Sylvan Lake

Memorial Day beating similar to 'knockout game'

SYLVAN LAKE, Mich. – A homeless woman walking along a road in Sylvan Lake was suddenly and brutally attacked after dark on Memorial Day.

Police say the 53-year-old woman was walking in a secluded area near Telegraph Road and James K. Boulevard when two men approached her from behind.  She said one man knocked her down and continued beating her while the other man stood by and watched.

Sylvan Lake police Sgt. Eric Zuehlk described the beating.

"He pulled her to her feet with his left hand, beat her repeatedly with his right hand.  After the assault, he just dropped her and they continued to walk back up onto Telegraph," Zuehlk said.

The attack was similar to what has come to be called the knockout game, in which an attacker approaches an unsuspecting person and sucker punches them.

Sgt. Zuehlk said this case was different.

"It's very similar to the knockout game that everybody's been hearing about lately, with the exception that this particular attack was multiple punches, it was not unch," Zuehlk said.

The stunned and injured victim took two days to walk to a hospital. As soon as she got there, staff called police.

Anyone who may have witnessed the attack or has any information that can help police in their investigation is asked call Sgt. Eric Zuelk at the Sylvan Lake Police Department at -248-682-1440 ext. 303

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