Neighbors concerned about run-down abandoned Detroit house on west side

Neighbors say pieces of home on Manor Street fall off every day

DETROIT – One more gust of wind may be all it takes to topple a Detroit house, but one question remains: Who is responsible for the run-down abandoned home that's putting an entire neighborhood at risk?

People living near the eyesore on Manor Street on Detroit's west side said pieces of it fall off every day, and it's only a matter of time before the whole thing goes.

Instead of Rowana Vance's 4-year-old grandson counting sheep, Vance said, "He counts one broke house, two broke, three broke house."

The counting can be tiring because on Manor Street there are so many abandoned houses, but it's this one neighbors are extremely concerned about.

"Little kids ride their bikes through here every day so if it falls and hits one of them," said Vance.

Part of the roof collapsed Tuesday evening. Now, the house is barely standing.

"The whole house is going to fall, somebody get hurt," said Vance.

Local 4 gave city officials a call about the unsafe house. They said it's owned by Davis House, a local nonprofit that offers low-cost housing for men in recovery.

Local 4's Chauncy Glover received the owner's address and it led him to Bloomfield Hills, to the Post Office.

City officials told Local 4 this house has been on the demolition list for a number of years and all of the clearances are in place. They just have to secure the funds to tear it down. Each abandoned house has a different demolition cost.

Vance's message?

"Speed up with the cleanup," said Vance. "I've been in this city all my life, 49 years, want to stay here, but want the surroundings to be better for myself, my family and my grandchildren."